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Drew, it’s ok to cry over spilled wine!

When it comes to being a Wine Wanker there’s no one else more qualified than our new member Drew.  Neal and I have known Drew for well on a decade and Drew has been good friends with Neal’s wife for a lot longer than that.  He has told me that his fondest memory of Neal was at a wedding when Neal got a little tipsy and thought it was a good idea to hug an oversized egg shaped lamp!  From that moment he knew they were going to be good drinking buddies.  He says he draws the line at hugging lamps, but that’s nothing compared to some of the things Drew hugs!. Continue reading

A sterling effort tackling the concept of wine tasting (versus drinking)

ww 0914 2We still have our training wheels on when it comes to wine tasting, not because we don’t know what we’re on about, but because our wine tastings invariably become wine drinking sessions.  We promise to work on this. We promise to start spitting out perfectly good wine. We promise … oh who are we kidding.

A challenge associated with being sent wine samples is that you have to open and taste them in a timely manner. The wineries that send samples typically do so with current vintage wine, and are generally predisposed to actually selling some of it so they can eek out a living. So in that vein we organised a wine tasting and invited a couple of fellow vino enthusiasts to join us. Continue reading

A fun collection of wine chalkboards

After the success of our previous collection posts like An inspiring collection of wine quotes and A collection of fun wine images I’ve decided to put together a compilation of wine related chalkboards that have come our way via Instagram and Twitter.


100 percent chance of wine wankers

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Perfect Harmony; Ceviche and Riesling, a food and wine match that will change your life (we promise)

ceviche 3Reams are written about matching food and wine and while most of these tomes are written with good intentions, the information given is often fairly general, i.e. drink with seafood.  Wine labels are also, by necessity, equally broad regarding the food matches for the given vino.  Now this is all great if you are a seasoned cook/chef with recipes at your disposal, however most of us are not.  On contemplating this for some time we thought it would be interesting to be specific, bringing together a recipe that is reasonably simple and affordable, with a wine that is quite accessible. Continue reading

Happy International Cabernet Day!

wine wankers international cabernet dayI love how social media celebrates wine days and today is a biggie, it’s Cabernet Day!  Being a wine lover, any excuse to focus on drinking wine is a good excuse.  Not that I actually really need one but a day like Cabernet Day is as good an excuse as it gets.  Other equally good excuses include birthdays, anniversaries, Wine Wednesday, friends over, getting home from work, needing to make room for more wine, just because. Continue reading

The boys catch up for some good wine

Ben and Amy

Ben, the 2011 Rosabrook Cabernet, and Amy

Earlier this year Ben and I attended a Qantas epiQure wine night and our favourite wine of the evening was the 2011 Rosabrook Single Vineyard Estate Cabernet Sauvignon.  We got talking to Amy of the Calneggia family who owns the winery and after giving her our verdict, and telling her that we loved wine with a bit of age, she said that she would send us a few different vintages of the Cabernet to try.  And true to her word, 3 vintages of Cabernet arrived on my doorstep along with a Chardonnay and a Tempranillo and all of these were from their prestigious Single Vineyard Estate range. Continue reading

“When I met you in the Summer” @ The Lovedale Long Lunch

The Lovedale Long lunch pops up on the wine aficionados calendar around May here inPhoto 18-05-14 4 49 55 PM the NSW Hunter region. Run over a weekend it really is a long lunch and one that showcases some fantastic wineries. I have been keen to get up here an experience it first hand for some time now.

My wife and I turned up looking for couple of days of great wines and food across the seven wineries that are part of the experience. What we got was a whole lot more than we were expecting.


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