Sparkling Shiraz – The perfect pizza wine!

Conrad (The Wine Wankers):

Today on Twitter I saw someone challenge the concept of sparkling red wine. I love a good red sparkler especially a really well made sparkling shiraz. And they go so well with pizza. Something about these wines cuts right through the fat and creates a beautiful blended taste of food and wine in your mouth.

I’ve been told that sparkling shiraz goes well with a bacon and eggs fry-up the morning after a big night. I still haven’t been brave enough to try that one yet but it is on the list of my food and wine pairing must-dos!

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seppelt original sparkling shiraz and dominos pizza wine blog great nice best wine online wine wankersI still clearly remember the first time I actually enjoyed sparkling shiraz.  It’s one of those moments etched into the crevices of my mind.  I probably remember it so well not only because of the enjoyment I had but also because I was humbled.  My approach to the subject of sparkling shiraz had been both arrogant and ignorant and I got pounded by the experience.

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Don’t be a wine wanker!

Conrad (The Wine Wankers):

As part of our holiday re-run series here’s Neal’s take on how not to be a real wine wanker!

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a wine wanker at workOur regular readers would have cottoned on to the fact that our blog is lashed in irony. We are really the anti wine wanker brigade, and consistent with our Australian sense of humor it only seemed right to call ourselves what we are not.

For those not exposed to Australian humor we do have a tendency to give everyone a nickname, and often that name has somewhere in its derivation a meaning that is the opposite to reality.  Why is this so … no idea; sometimes it’s best not to question such things. Here are some examples;

Tiny – often reserved for massive men.
Stretch – used for people unusually short.
Bluey – exclusively for those with red hair.
Happy – someone with a dour taciturn disposition.

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Are The Wine Wankers now part of the “industry”… really?

Conrad (The Wine Wankers):

This is the point where we realized that we had gone from being casual fun-loving wine drinkers to being part of “the wine industry”. To be honest though, we’re still just fun-loving wine drinkers but if being part of the industry means we get to drink some good wine then we’re totally down with it! ;-)

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wine wankers konrad wines pinot sauvignon blanc riesling gruener veltliner gewurztraminer top nz wine

A strange thing happened yesterday, well actually, it happened just over 6 months ago when we started this blog.  As The Wine Wankers become more “known” (that feels a bit weird to write) people often ask how this whole caper came together.  If you’ve read my very first blog post (click here) you’d know that we sincerely kicked all this off on a whim with no other intention than to blog about our wine stories.  And if you’ve read Neal’s recent post here, you’d know that our namesake is rather ironic.

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Wine Wanker Jackets

Conrad (The Wine Wankers):

See, look how outlandishly cool I used to dress! That jacket is way too wild for me now, I’ve settled down. It’ll be plain brown this year. Cheers! ;-)

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Wine events are known for their glitz and glamour and they’re a show of extravagent style.  Men are particularly outlandish and compete for the brightest and most colourful jackets, usually grey, beige or a crazy dark blue!  At the recent 30th anniversary of the BrokenwoodGraveyard vineyard I decided to go absolutely nuts and introduced a wild grey jacket with a black fleck through it, and, a black collar!  Out of control !!!

Author: Conrad

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That’s gunna be horse piss! And doesn’t anybody drink Lindemans anymore?

Conrad (The Wine Wankers):

As part of our holiday re-run series here’s one of my first ever blog posts. I thought it was ok to describe a wine as “horse piss”. Actually, I still do! ;-) Enjoy, and we hope you are all having a great festive time!

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Well, on a global scale, clearly there’s a lot of people that still drink Lindemans.  They’ve done quite well going down the path of selling cheap Aussie plonk to the world via their Bin series.  This has probably paid off for them financially but they are guilty of helping cement the overseas reputation of Aussie wine as being cheap and basic (no, not nasty, well maybe a little, and possibly cheerful to some too).  If they had added an Aussie critter to their Bin label they would have sold even more wine.  I should have been a wine marketeer!

photo4Lindemans was actually started in 1843 by Dr Henry Lindeman who planted the very first vines in the Hunter Valley wine region.  The original vineyard is long gone and they are now located in South Australia and owned by a big corporate, Treasury Wine Estates.  So their focus has been on mass…

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South America in a glass (and on a plate) – part 1

Conrad (The Wine Wankers):

As part of our holiday re-run series here’s Neal on his grand trip to South America! This is the first of three parts so if you like the first one please read through part 2 and 3. Enjoy, and we hope you are all having a great festive time!

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clos apalta vineyardWe recently returned from a holiday in South America and thought it blog-worthy to give an overview of the food and wine experiences (in 3 parts). Obviously we had lots of other great experiences that did not revolve around food and wine, but will stick on topic and leave that for another day.  We tend to plan out a rough schedule of where we are going then spend time researching dining options, with a view to sticking to local cuisine and to establishments that have good wine cellars.


cevicheThe first dining experience fresh off a 13 hour flight was lunch at Azul Profundo in Santiago, this is a great little spot that specialises in seafood. While the interior is a little kitsch it is worth sticking it out and focusing on the food. The ceviche platter was amazing and actually the seafood highlight of the entire trip.

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What does a gun, ice-cream and wine have in common?

Conrad (The Wine Wankers):

As part of our holiday re-run series here’s Neal’s take on why bigger is better! Enjoy, and we hope you are all having a great festive time!

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All come in a magnum.  cullen magnum

I must admit taking great pleasure in magnums, both purchasing and drinking, and was asked recently why.  Interesting question.  Here are my top 10 reasons;

  1. Opening a magnum of wine illustrates commitment, this is not just a quick glass or two with your significant other, we are settling in.
  2. A magnum is like a party in a bottle, it illustrates the intentions of the opener very clearly.

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