10 Reasons a Wine Cask (Wine Box) is better than a Wine Bottle

wine wankers most influential wine blogs cask wine 2The wine cask (or wine box in the US) is in the process of undergoing a reboot in Australia, with a group of like-minded wine peeps banding together to extol the virtues of a hitherto cringe-worthy Australian icon (of sorts). While there is some contention around the invention of the wine cask, the accolades have finally rested with Tom Angove who invented it in the early 60’s. We can legitimately claim this as one of ours.

A confession is appropriate at this point as we have not drank wine from a cask for many years. I am not sure why this is the case. There are some underlying prejudices in people of a certain vintage in relation to wine casks as it was seen as cheap nasty swill, and a few decades ago it probably was. Time therefore to put those prejudices aside and objectively look at the wine cask for what it is, packaging. It’s the wine that counts.

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It’s Shiraz, but not as you know it! #shirazweek #wine

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Source: @RachelVoorhees on Twitter

I often hear people say “I love Australian Shiraz” but what does that actually mean? There must be a common style of Shiraz that brings people to say what seems to me to be a very general statement even though it is a positive one. Continue reading

What is an orange wine? And why is it such a great match with Korean food?

Who knew matching Korean food with wine could be so challenging!  It is; but with the right knowledge, you’ll be throwing back orange wines like a Korean pop star (disclaimer: unfortunately I don’t know any famous Korean people, other than Kim Jung Un of course, but I’m sure he doesn’t drink alcohol).

wine wankers brash higgins

The crunchy nature of this cucumber kimchi with fresh nashi and perilla was a perfect foil to the textural feel found in this Brash Higgins Amphora Zibibbo.


If you’re in Melbourne, you’re in for a treat. The upcoming Melbourne Food and Wine Festival will be taking one of Australia’s hotter than hot wine makers, the darling of every sommelier worth his salt, Brad Hickey of Brash Higgins, and matching his wines with the current epicentre of Korean Food in Australia, Sydney’s Moon Park. Continue reading

Happy 50th birthday – Australia’s best cask (box) wines revealed

Go on – admit it.  At some point, we’ve all hugged the life out of a cheap box of goon and regretted it the next day.  Regardless of that hangover – the humble cask holds a proud place in our nation’s history, it has been the training wheels for many of us who’ve gone on to become wine lovers. Including me.


The introduction of the cask wine saw an explosion of wine consumption in Australia

Tuesday 24 February 2015 will see this brilliant Aussie invention honoured with a 50th birthday party in the posh Sydney suburb of Vaucluse. The Wine Wankers have started the party early however, by tasting our way through 20 of the nation’s most premium cask wines.  We wanted to know; has the quality of cask wine improved, and if so – what is Australia’s best cask wine?  But before we get to the results – let’s get some background info out of the way, really quickly in bullet points!

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A day out at the tennis with good wine, food and people!

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I was lucky enough to be invited to the Australian Open Tennis in Melbourne recently as a guest of Jacob’s Creek. Although the evening tennis was a great way to finish off the experience, the day actually started early when we all met up around midday for a special lunch where we got to sample some great wine from Stoneleigh out of Marlborough in New Zealand. Continue reading

How to match sweet wines with desserts

The most important rule to remember when matching wine and desserts is that a sweeter wine is always better.  Wine that doesn’t have ample sugar levels will invariably taste thin and tart.

Botrytis affected wines fit the bill nicely. Late harvest wines generally aren’t as sweet as their Botrytis cousins, but still offer excellent matching with lighter desserts.

Another wine you should consider is a Moscato.  This fruity sweet semi-sparkling white wine is low in alcohol (around 5 per cent) and is heaven when drunk with fresh fruit and other light fruity desserts.

wine wankers 20150120_185610

The ‘Chocolate’ – a crisp dark chocolate sphere filled with macerated cherries in cherry curd

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