My old wine is my new wine

wine wankers wynns coonawarra cabernet shiraz merlot 1993 good wine blogAnthony from Confessions of a Wine Geek and Mike from Please Bring Me My Wine kicked off a fun new wine drinking initiative called New Wine This Week.  Each week they pick a new wine or wine style to try, drink that wine over the week, then report back and rate it.  All wine drinkers are encouraged to have a go and tell the story of their experience of the new wine/s.  It’s as good an excuse as any to drink wine, and we love a good wine drinking excuse!

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epiQure Wine and Wheels night

The Wine Wankers were lucky enough to be invited along to the Qantas epiQure Wine and Wheels night the other week. epiQure is the Qantas airline’s wine club and tonight they were showing off their new range of wines.

20140320_181126-2The location was the most amazing place tucked away in suburban Sydney and is worth a mention in its own right. The Magical Fairground Follies at St Peters houses a collection of vintage fair ground equipment, merry-go-rounds, carnival pipe organs and other paraphernalia that felt like stepping back in time. Full points for setting an incredible atmosphere.

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Half-bottles are a bit of a tease! (Drinking TarraWarra Estate from the Yarra Valley)

wine wankers tarrawarra reserve pinot noir 2012 great yarra valley wineries

When I heard that we were receiving some wine from TarraWarra in the Yarra Valley I was pretty excited.  This is a winery with a solid reputation for producing sensational wine especially Chardonnay and Pinot.  So there was a bit of anticipation for the actual arrival of the wine and this built up over quite a few days until the wine eventually arrived, thankfully!  Talk about expectations!!

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An arvo on the tiles in Bondi

lovedale sem

A 17 year old sem

Spreadeagled all over a metropolis with very rigid drink driving laws (fortunately), renders it somewhat difficult for the Wine Wankers to get together as often as we would like; particularly when there is wine to taste. Conrad and I therefore arranged a catch up at my place on a Saturday afternoon, as we both had plans that evening.  What harm would a couple of bottles of vino cause? Strict instructions were issued by our respective significant others.

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Ruminations: One of the Wine Industry’s Colossal Questions

Conrad (The Wine Wankers):

Does wine begin in the vineyard or in the winery? I was honoured that Valerie asked me to be part of this piece. Cheers!

Originally posted on The Demystified Vine:

On January 31st, 2014, at the Vancouver Public Library, wine lovers and experts alike had the opportunity to come together to discuss one of the wine industry’s colossal questions: Does wine begin in the vineyard or in the winery?

Some of British Columbia’s biggest names were in attendance at The Grape Debate to assist with the discussion, including:
*Sid Cross — Honorary President of the International Wine & Food Society
*Ann Sperling — Winemaker for Sperling Vineyards and Clos du Soleil
*Val Tait — Co-owner and GM at Bench 1775
*David Scholefield — VP Wine Strategy, Wine Advisor, Okanagan Crush Pad
*Kathy Malone — Winemaker for Hillside Winery
*Howard Soon — Master Winemaker for Sandhill Wines

The debate was moderated by talented DJ Kearney.

Many folks were discussing their points of view prior to the panel sharing their viewpoints, and it was intriguing to see how intently folks…

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Meerea Park – You have shown me the light

My wife and I were in the Hunter Valley a few weeks ago for an expo and popped into the Meerea Park cellar door.

I tend to feel a little for the people working behind the counter in these places, reciting the same old story every 30 minutes to whomever may be standing in front of them drinking their wine, for free.  It has to be tough to maintain that enthusiasm.

However, this day was somewhat of a refreshing surprise when we met Rob who took us through their wines and, more importantly, through the story of Meerea Park including a little history of Alexander Munro, the name sake behind some of their wines.

I have been on a mission of late, something of a personal challenge, to deny my long held and justified distaste of Chardonnay to find the reborn style I have been hearing whispers about. In my chats with Rob I mentioned the subject and he grins like a man with a cure for my pain and pours me a glass of their 2013 Alexander Munro Chardonnay promising to change my world…. And you know what?

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Another fun collection of wine images – the never ending wine meme

wine laughs funny stuff laundry doing it rightAfter the success of Wine… It pairs perfectly with Christmas!A collection of fun wine images and A great collection of wine infographics, I thought I’d create a new post as a way to store away a few more wine funnies that have come our way.

I wish I could credit the brilliant minds behind these but unless it’s on the image that important fact has been lost through time.

The humorous wine memes seem to be never ending. Enjoy! :-P

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