The 100 most influential wine peeps on social media

How The Wine Wankers appear on Klout

How The Wine Wankers appear on Klout

Over the last couple of months there have been a few “most influential wine people on the Internet” type lists circulated.  They’ve all been quite good indicators of wine related influence on the net, within the scope of what qualifies to make each list of course.  I’ll briefly go over two of these… Continue reading

Confessions of a wine (buying) addict; 10 signs you may have a problem

CellarThey say the first step is acknowledging you have a problem. If you are not sure whether you have one, read on, for our 10 signs that you may have a wine buying problem.  Our extensive research (mostly practical) indicates that if you score 5 or more out of 10, you are in trouble :)

We must admit that we get almost the same thrill from finding a wine treasure/bargain as we do drinking it; then there is the problem of how many to get. At least 3. One now, one at peak age and one to see how long it will last. Maybe 6, oh it’s the same freight for 12. So 12. Continue reading

It’s Riesling with Indian!

wine wankers wine blog helm classic dry riesling 2013I received a few bottles of Riesling from Helm Wines, a winery located in Murrumbateman within the Canberra District wine region of Australia.  I decided to pair these wines with various Indian dishes to see how they fared up against the heat and spice of a good curry.

Why Riesling and curry?  Well as I’ve written before, Indian is a tough cuisine to match any wine up against because it can be quite intense and overpower the wine, or make the wine taste stringent.  Depending on the style of wine made, there are other grape varieties that can do ok, like Gewürztraminer, Viognier and even the red grape Carménère of Chilean fame.  But I had 3 different styles of Riesling so it was a good opportunity to test them out on Indian cuisine. Continue reading

A day out in the beautiful vineyards of Valpolicella, Italy

Looking over Allegrini's Amarone vineyards out into the vineyards of Valpolicella

Looking over Allegrini’s Amarone vineyards and out into the hills and valleys of Valpolicella

A few months ago I was at an Italian wine tasting event in Sydney and ended up chatting to a lovely lady named Anastasia who is the export manager for Allegrini Wine, a producer from the Valpolicella viticultural zone just north of Verona and part of the greater Veneto wine region of north-eastern Italy.  I told her how I would be off visiting family in Ireland around June and would be taking a trip into Italy for a few days but I hadn’t yet chosen what wine region or wineries to visit. Continue reading

An inspiring collection of wine quotes


Following in the style of our popular collection posts like Another fun collection of wine images – the never ending wine meme I thought I’d post a collection of great wine related quotes.  Love these ones… Enjoy!!

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Stonehurst Wines – Big Wines from a Small Winery

Stonehurst3I guess I am a little fortuitous that I live within an easy drive to the Hunter Valley here in NSW, so these wines tend to be the most prominent in my cellar. There is a fantastic selection of wines and wineries in this area, but every now and then I still manage to find something new and something that really impresses me.

It was during one such trip up to the Hunter that my wife and I decided to take the scenic route up from Sydney, out via Peates ridge, Kulnura and the famed Wollombi pub. It is not too long after leaving the Wollombi pub that you will find one of the best boutique wine experiences the Hunter Valley has to offer.

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Tasting 138 of the best of Australian wine, but the price has gone up!

langtons 11Some may recall a prior article (Tasting 123 of the best Australian wine; for $95) and wonder how inflation has effected things so drastically to justify a price increase from $95 to $250! Let me explain …

Langtons are the premium wine auction site in Australia and they release a classification of Australian wine about every 5 years. This is the 6th such classification and hence called imaginatively “Classification VI”. Continue reading